Organic fertilizers and biostimulants with protective effects

Used in cultivation of all plant species: crop farming, fruit growing, vegetable growing, viticulture, floriculture

Need for use of biostimulants

  • Plant stresses are becoming a regular occurrence (!).
  • Sudden leaps and dips in temperature.
  • The plants themselves are having difficulties in adapting to sudden newly emerged conditions.
  • Frequency of droughts, floods and hail, early and late frosts...
  • Diseases and pests often develop immunity to pesticides, for some of which there are no preparations (or their use is prohibited), and the plant relies on its own immunity and energy.
  • Strong, immune plants channel their energy into their development and fruit.

Why use Ekopatent fertilizers and stimulants?

  • They increase crop yield and its quality (very small investments for multiple benefits).
  • They increase the resistance of plants to diseases.
  • All agents are organic.
  • No withdrawal period.
  • They influence the recovery of quality of depleted and acidic soils incurred by the excessive use of mineral fertilizers.
  • Simple storage and handling.
  • Their effect does not depend on the weather conditions and storage.

Eko Vital®

Soil activator, organic preparation, eco-fertilizer and biostimulant.

Eko Booster 1®

Organic fertilizer – biostimulant (bioregulator), preparation for treating seeds with the aim of achieving better, faster germination and rooting of plants.

Eko Booster 2®

Organic foliar fertilizer, biostimulant for inducing plant growth, increasing fruit mass and resistance to stressful conditions.

Eko Freez®

Organic Plant Antifreeze, intended to decrease harmful effects of spring and autumn frosts.

Organic fertilizers

They influence faster germination and the energy of seeds.

They influence the plant’s resistance to low temperatures.

Stimulates the development of genetic characteristics and predispositions of the plant (dry matter, digestion, taste, scent...).

They increase fruit size.

Use of small quantities per hectare, easily applied.

Simple storage and handling.



Soil preparation, decomposition of organic residue, humification and pH balancing.

EkoBooster 1®

Seed germination, quick commencement of seed growth, maximum germination energy, strong, ramified and deep roots, rooting.


Foliar nutrition, metabolism stimulant, plant strengthening, larger, brighter, heavier and better quality fruits, more resistant plant.


Combined nutrition and protection from low temperatures, 2 in 1, stimulates formation of antifreeze proteins, amino acids, vitamins, proteins, oils and sugars.

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Jagode, Zagreb, 2018.

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