Eko vital Organsko gnojivo
Eko vital Organsko gnojivo

Eko Vital®

Stubble treatment, post-harvest crop residue decomposition, soil activator


Our EkoVital® preparation is designed to act as a driver of life in the soil. It is NOT a MICROBIOLOGICAL fertilizer. Through decomposition of organic waste (crop residues), with the assistance of EkoVital® in the soil we favourably affect the improvement of moisture, air and heat regime of the soil, as well as soil biological activity. Organisms that are most active in the decomposition process are bacteria, fungi and beneficial nematodes. Their numbers have decreased due to climate changes, soil acidification and improper application of chemical agents. 

EkoVital® creates a soil environment in which existing beneficial microorganisms can survive and multiply. 

EkoVital® stimulates the growth and development of bacteria, fungi and beneficial nematode genera and solves the problem of availability of plant nutrients in the soil. In dry periods, the soil retains more water, it is more permeable, easier to tillage and loose, and more soil minerals become readily available to plants. Consequently, bare patches are decreased.


The soil is looser and richer in humus; soil pH is balanced and post-harvest residues are completely decomposed. 

Due to high content of fulvic and humic acids, EkoVital® promotes development of beneficial soil microorganisms and stimulates activity of nitrogen-fixing, phosphorus-mineralizing and similar bacteria. That leads to faster decomposition of organic matter in the soil and forming of humus. The soil is naturally regenerated, which results in the use of fewer mineral fertilizers in the future. Its effects do not depend on weather conditions, and the period between its application and stubble ploughing may be as long as 2 months. 

EkoVital® affects the resilience of the plants’ root system against diseases of microbial origin. Preparation can be mixed with protective agents and used in vegetative growth stage.

Application of EkoVital®


Pour in EkoVital® into the sprinkler, in 2 litre/ha dosage, with large amount of water


the stubble


Plough the post-harvest residues immediately or within 60 days. Regardless of weather conditions, the effect will be the same.


Prior to basic fertilization in the fall, the stubble with all post-harvest residues should be treated with 2 litres of EkoVital®preparation per 1 hectare (mixed with large amount of water). If the field is not fertilized with mineral fertilizers, we recommend that for a 1-hectare field, you pour 2 litres of EkoVital® in the sprinkler, add between 5 and 15 kg of Urea, dissolve the mixture in 200-250 litres of water and then sprinkle the field. 

In case mineral fertilisers are also used, scatter the necessary amount of mineral fertilizer over the field, sprinkle with 2 litres of EkoVital® per hectare, without adding nitrogen into the sprinkler.

Following the application of EkoVital®, stubble ploughing (cultivation) does not need to take place immediately; it should be done within two months at the latest, depending on weather conditions. 
EkoVital® preparation does not contain any bacteria or microorganisms, so its effects are not affected by temperatures lower than 0° C. 
EkoVital® encourages soil activity, as well as decomposition of plant residues and their transformation into humus, which has been proven scientifically. 

Organic matter: 21% 
Nitrogen (N): 10% 
Phosphorus (P): 1% 
Potassium (K): 4%

Eko vital Organsko gnojivo


Eko vital Organsko gnojivo