Eko vital Organsko gnojivo

Eko Booster 1®

Seed germination and root development

EkoBooster 1® – is an organic fertilizer-biostimulant (bioregulator); preparation for treating seeds or roots to achieve better seed germination and plant rooting. It contains all the nutrients necessary in the early stage of plant development, accelerates the onset of seed germination and stimulates root system development during plant rooting. 

When treating the seed, it can be mixed with insecticides and fungicides. It is completely organic and affects the overall soil and substrate fertility. It can be used on all plant species. It boosts the resilience of cultivated plants’ root system against diseases of microbial origin.

EkoBooster 1® contains enough Giberelin (GA3) amino acid to activate the seeds at temperatures even lower than necessary for germination. Once treated with Ekobooster 1®, the seed with low germination energy germinate just as well as the seed with maximum germination energy.

Effects of EkoBooster 1®

  • Based on its chemical composition, it enhances the overall soil and substrate fertility
  • It is adjusted to different substrate pH values
  • It is used in cultivation of all plant species
  • It provides better emergence, establishment and rooting of plants
  • It has a positive effect on vegetative growth
  • It increases the intensity of inflorescence
  • It increases the rate of seed germination by 2-3 times compared to control plants
  • It enhances plant nutrition in terms of all the micro and macro elements, especially nitrogen and phosphorus
  • It boosts the resilience of cultivated plants’ root system against the diseases of microbial origin
  • Preparation can be mixed with other micro-biological preparations
  • Preparation can be used during the vegetative growth stage

Organic matter: 2.8% 
Nitrogen (N): 14% 
Phosphorus (P): 2%
Potassium (K): 5%

Use in crop production:

  • 1 litre per 100 kg of corn seed
  • 1 litre per 200 kg of sunflower seed
  • 1 litre per 400 kg of wheat, soy and barley seed and alike


Use in vegetable production:

  • 1% solution is used to treat grown-for-seed bell pepper, tomato, watermelon and lettuce
  • When transplanting seedlings: soak the root in 1% solution for 20 minutes before planting (1 litre of EkoBooster 1® in 100 litres of water)


Eko vital Organsko gnojivo