Eko vital Organsko gnojivo

Eko Booster MAX®

Extreme fertilizer for extreme conditions


Climate change and more extreme weather conditions cause plant stress increasingly more often. With that in mind, EKOPATENT created a new preparation after three years of laboratory and field testing – EkoBooster MAX® – high-performance liquid organic fertilizer.

EkoBooster MAX was developed because of the need for increased nutrition with immediate effect in all conditions!

Due to its extremely high concentration of nutrients, it extends the flowering period and boosts fertilization, especially in the conditions of early and short flowering period. Its application is excellent on soy, maize, sunflower, all fruit and vegetable cultures, in vineyards, and especially on sugar beet and potato, where it results in a significant increase in dry matter content and digestion in fruits.


Effects of EkoBooster MAX®

  • Increases: fruit mass, quality, coloration, fragrance
  • Extends storage period of berries and other fruit and vegetables
  • Excellent for cultivation of strawberries, blueberries, chokeberries, raspberries, blackberries, watermelons, melons and onions, where it highlights the coloration, fragrance and taste.

Due to its strong biostimulant effect, it is suitable for cultivating olives, mandarins, figs, almonds, spices and aromatic herbs, because it stimulates increased concentrations of oils, vitamins and aromatic compounds.


After seeing what our foliar fertilizer EkoBooster 2 can do for your yield, EkoBooster MAX® presents an even stronger formula, enriched and adapted to intensive cultivation in extreme conditions. In drought conditions, a C:N ratio of maximum 15% in fertilizers acts like an infusion of the best humus.

Organic micro- and macro-element content in EkoBooster MAX® is readily available and completely utilizable (there are no nutrient losses due to evaporation or soil leaching). It enables reduced use of mineral NPK fertilizers. In agricultural production, organic matter is irreplaceable.


Nitrogen (N)…….….3%
Potassium (K)………4%
C:N………………………max 15%

Use of EkoBooster MAX®

  • In 0.5 to 1% concentration (1 litre of EkoBooster MAX® per 1 hectare) for all plant species.
  • Crop farming: 1 litre of EkoBooster MAX® in 200-250 litres of water per 1 hectare, per one treatment.
  • Fruit-growing: 2 litres of EkoBooster MAX® in 600-800 litres of water per 1 hectare (for orchards that have reached full maturity).
  • Vegetables: treat every 14 days with a 0.5 to 1% concentration solution.
  • 3 treatments during the vegetation stage are optimal. Transplants should be treated with a 0.3% solution.


Eko vital Organsko gnojivo