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Eko Freez®

Plant antifreeze


EkoFreez® is a preparation for increasing plant resistance to low temperatures. It is an organic plant antifreeze aimed at reducing the adverse effects of spring and autumn frost. Due to high content of microelements boron (B), manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn), it can be used for reinforced nutrition for potato, sugar beet, carrot and other bulbous plants.


EkoFreez® application


Before applying it, it is important to make sure the plants have leaves at least 2 cm long. Its action is preventive, so it should be applied 3 to 4 days before the onset of low temperatures. The same goes for prevention of harmful effects of heatwaves during summer. Use of EkoFreez® in the 1 litre of product/150 litres of water ratio, i.e. in 0.75% solution enhances plant photosynthesis in temperatures lower than standard. EkoFreez® should be applied 3-4 days before the onset of low temperatures. It is applied in production of vegetables and seedlings, as well as fruit-growing. EkoFreez® is a liquid organic fertilizer, i.e. it has nutritional value and thus fulfils a dual role (protection and nutrition). Application of EkoFreez® on fruiting plants in the fall decreases defoliation and increases resistance of buds to excessively high and low temperatures. Application at the start of vegetation stage and during budding, inflorescence and fruiting periods increases resistance of plant to injury caused by cooler periods in late spring. Application at the end of leaf unfolding stage increases resistance to damage caused by cooler periods in late fall. All enzymes and amino acids enter the plant via stomata in leaves.

After a short period, enzymes start to encourage the plant to produce its own antifreeze proteins (AFP) and antifreeze amino acids (AAA). This will help the plant protect itself from the cold and frostbite. Photosynthesis and osmotic pressure are enhanced within the plant. Plants will use the fertilizer in EkoFreez® and turn it into required molecules such as sugars, vitamins, oils and proteins. The effects last for 12 to 15 days. By using EkoFreez®, the fruits become heavier, larger, more delicious and shinier. It should be applied on multiple occasions during vegetation stage in a 1/150 ratio through the leaves and spraying both sides of the leaf is advised. Application through soil positively affects growth of beneficial microorganisms.


EkoFreez® effects

  • It reduces the risk of late frost and ensures earlier and higher quality yield
  • It enhances the plant’s intake of food and water, boosts its immunity and enhances its resistance to disease
  • In the fall vegetation period, it increases the length of vegetation and picking, which consequently increases the number of picked fruits
  • It boosts metabolism and increases the content of amino acids, proteins, sugars, oils, vitamins, minerals and especially antifreeze proteins
  • It enhances photosynthetic capacity, osmotic pressure and intake of water and food through the root system
  • Inflorescence becomes more intensive
  • Fruits are larger, heavier, shinier, more delicious, which increases the quality and yield
  • Application of EkoFreez® to soil lowers the pH value and decreases the number of pathogens in the soil
  • It enhances plant nutrition in terms of all the micro and macro elements, especially nitrogen and phosphorus
  • It strengthens cultivated plants’ root system
  • EkoFreez® preparation can be mixed with other micro-biological preparations
  • Product can be used during the vegetative growth stage



Recommended use: Foliar treatment

Sprinkle with very fine mist to ensure the best possible plant coverage. Sprinkle on a nice and sunny day, at a minimal temperature of 12° C in the greenhouse or minimal temperature of 9° C outdoors, between 10 am and 2 pm. If that is not possible, sprinkle during the warmest part of day. Plant leaves have to be at least 2 cm long for the preparation to work. 

Organic matter: 17% 
Nitrogen (N): 3%
Potassium (K): 4%
Boron (B): 1.4%
Manganese (Mn): 0.5%
Zinc (Zn): 0.3%



Treat only healthy plants. Sprinkle only preventively. Do not treat plants that are diseased, deformed or in any way damaged because they will not respond to treatment appropriately. If the plants have already suffered a cold shock, EkoFreez® will not be effective. The effect of use of EkoFreez® depends on plant species, genetic potential, general condition of plants, temperature, soil, available and additional fertilizer, etc. Not every plant species is capable of producing antifreeze amino acids and proteins, but those that are will produce more of them with EkoFreez®, which will enable the plant to withstand the cold more easily, as well as to reduce or completely avoid damage.


Eko vital Organsko gnojivo